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We actively promote a unique educational program that empowers founders with the most valuable and up-to-date knowledge on financing tools and regulations.


Our seminars feature the most unconventional mixing and matching of financing options that currently get disparate coverage and unequal exploration. 


We’ve pioneered customized on demand educational programs and seminars and are happy  to present the following key topics:


  • Understanding Modern Financing landscape

  • VC and MicroVCs

  • Local Angel Investing groups, local Accelerators and Incubators

  • Rewards Crowdfunding and Peer2Peer Lending

  • Royalty Financing and Royalty Crowdfunding

  • Equity ‪Crowdfunding 

The seminars can cover the following (but not limited) questions:
  • Reg A+ and Tittle III of the JOBS Act, finalized – pros, cons and rules to follow

  • What kind of companies and businesses would benefit the most from the new legislation?  

  • What are the requirements, costs and risks that entrepreneurs should be aware of?

  • How to select the operational platform, legal adviser and other incumbents?

  • Secondary markets and liquidity for start-ups - what is on?

  • What might be expected in the longer term

  • EB-5 financing

  • Government financing programs


PRICING: Please contact us for pricing depending on the program, timing and mix of topics you would like us to cover.
UPDATE: You can also choose an exclusive coaching session via Skype.
What they say about us

"Very good presentation! A real gold mine of information for alternative funding. Thanks Victoria."


"Exceeded expectations!"


"Thanks Victoria–Awesome!"

"Victoria did a fantastic job in scoping the entire investment landscape. Her (seminar) and information was chock-full of valuable insights and reality checks and gave a clear view of how to focus fundraising efforts. Kudos!"

"Victoria Silchenko really knows her stuff"


"I learned so much!"

"Very informative. Dr. Silchenko is a dynamic speaker. If your a startup looking to learn the protocol of how to raise money for your startup, then you must hear Dr.Silchenko wealth of knowledge, and simple and easy instructions on how to successfully raise money. I recommend for anyone trying to get to the next level."


"Very engaging and practical."


"I was very impressed."

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