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Los Angeles, CA. Friday November 11th, 2016, 8am - 6pm

Called by many observers a “Davos of Entrepreneurship” and one of the most forward-looking gatherings in the world, our forum is now in its 5th year which is a result of an unprecedented collaboration with some of the most progressive businesses, organizations, and authorities as well as foreign governments’ representatives and media outlets. We believe that progress happens only through engagement with all vital parts of the financial system and strive in all our efforts to bridge the worlds of alternative and traditional finance to foster entrepreneurship, creativity and innovations.

  • Artificial Intelligence in finance

  • Top investing platforms for accredited investors

  • New regulatory landscape: rules enforced under the JOBS ACT

  • Equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors: Reg A+ & Title III

  • Royalty based financing and royalty crowdfunding

  • Peer-to-peer lending platforms for growth capital

  • Alternative venture exchanges and secondary markets for small businesses

  • Alternative currencies as a new funding source

  • Next generation VC funds, micro-funds and angel investors’ syndicates

  • EB-5 financing programs to attract foreign investors

  • Bridge financing for small businesses

  • Business grants, SBA loans and government funding programs

  • New financing alternatives for TV, Media & Entertainment projects

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We’ve been setting an exceptional precedent by uniting world-class FinTech innovators, traditional investors, recognized authorities and the new players who are transforming capital markets and financing models in favor of small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures and local communities.


We welcome diverse perspectives from all capital markets participants and had participants from different parts of the world including the U.K., Argentina, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Rumania, Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong and Canada.


We are a “pitch-free” zone, pioneering the “from-think-tank-to-do-tank” approach


High caliber of speakers and attendees ensures outstanding networking opportunities and a powerful exchange of best practices and lessons learned from financing practices and fundraising experiences


Humor and entertainment is an important part of our gathering as the backgrounds of our participants are very diverse and unique

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